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Victorian Legal Cost Assessors 




(as at 1 January 2015)

1.       Our terms of payment for clients are strictly 14 days from date of invoice unless otherwise confirmed in writing

2.       We reserve the right to charge interest on all accounts outstanding over 30 days, and any costs associated with the recovery of overdue accounts.

3.       Payment of our fee is NOT conditional upon the recovery of your costs or the payment of money to you.

4.       We accept instructions to amend or add to a completed bill of costs but reserve the right to render a further memorandum of fees where applicable

5.       We reserve our right to charge an additional fees if condition of the physical file requires additional work to organize file to enable us to draft a bill of costs or prepare file for taxation of costs.

6.      Our percentage fee is based upon professional costs exclusive of disbursements. It is our policy in determining our fees to include those costs for which there is a reasonable argument for recovery. 

7.       Should the total of the professional costs claimed, be reduced by 20% or more on taxation, at which we prepared the bill of costs and appeared, we will be happy to review our fee for preparing the detailed bill. This policy does not apply to items included solely on your instructions or to the items disallowed through the your solicitor’s failure to keep adequate records.

8.       Our fee for the preparation of an assessment of costs provides for the calculation of an assessment of profit costs only. We reserve the right to charge an additional fee if work is required in relation to disbursements.

9.       If we prepare bills in taxable form for both party/party and solicitor/client costs together, and the solicitor/client bill is on an alternative scale to the party/party bill, our fee for preparing the solicitor/client bill will be 5% of professional costs plus typing.

10.  Our minimum fee is $200.00